I work with stress, depression, anxiety, grief, sexuality, relationship issues and more. My therapeutic approach utilizes strength-based interventions and simple mindfulness practices. I combine traditional psychotherapy with the powerful tools of somatic and body-integrated counseling. My sessions are collaborative, meaning that you are the ultimate expert in achieving your goals, while I provide expertise and compassionate perspective to stuck situations and stagnating relationships.

I teach skills beyond medication for mitigating the effects of anxiety and depression. These skills include stabilizing mood through awareness, breathing techniques, and easy ways of caring for your health.

My specialty is in facilitating non-heteronormative relationships (including polyamory and gay/lesbian) in addition to relationships that fall into a more traditional paradigm. I also specialize in providing counseling for individuals who lie somewhere on the LGBTQIA spectrum.

I have been a counselor since 2008 and have completed 10 full-time years of college, graduate and post-graduate training as a psychotherapist.

I was named on the Best Counselors of 2015 list – you can click the icon on the left to view this list and to read a spotlight article about my work. To read reviews of my work, click on the icon on the right and scroll to the bottom of the page:
Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015                                  Psychotherapy & Counseling

Standard 50 min sessions are $80. I do offer sliding scale on a case by case basis. I am available for day/evening/weekend appointments. If you are struggling through a difficult time, contact me for a FREE 30 minute initial session OR phone/email consultation. 

Indigo Stray, psychotherapist

Degrees & Certifications:

Gallatin at New York University :
BA in The Visual & Physical Expression of Emotion
California Institute of Integral Studies :
MA in Somatic Counseling Psychology
Denver Family Institute :
Post-Graduate Certification in Marriage & Family Therapy
The Gottman Institute :
Level 1 Research Based Approach to Couples Therapy

Co-Director & Psychotherapist at Mile High Psychotherapy
Registered Psychotherapist #NLC-12061

Member of the HealthCare Guild and the American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy